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Mystim Opus E-Masturbator - Donut

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The Opus E-Masturbator by Mystim has a donut-shaped opening and has a stimulating ribbed structure on the inside. Remove the sleeve from its casing. Electrodes can be attached to the sides for electro-stimulation. This is done by connecting the two push-button adapters on your powerbox to the Opus E-Masturbator. You will sense small electric impulses on both sides of the sleeve when using the powerbox. Use the masturbator in combination with water-based lubricant and optionally with some conducting lubricant such as The Godfather.

The E-Masturbator can be cleaned with toy cleaner and lukewarm water after use.



Do not use in case of heart complaints/pacemaker or with cardiac arrhythmias
Do not place on eyelids
Do not place on damaged skin
 Avoid abrupt changes in shock in/adjustment
 Keep out of reach of children
Do not turn on the control unit until you have attached the accessories to the body, not before.

Barcode: 4260152463504

Mystim, Electrosex, Metal, ABS, silicone, Toys for Boys, Male Masturbator, BDSM, SM Toys, Electrosex

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