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Dick Stick - Dildo On Expandable Rod

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Show your sub or partner who is in control with the Dick Stick! Punish and play with your partner with a realistically designed dildo on an expandable rod. The shape and texture of the dildo provided maximum stimulation with every thrust. A Vacuum-Grip adapter on the rod allows you to switch out the dildo for any that is compatible. The light-weight rod extends from 53 cm to 124 cm, including the dildo. Measurements and stop markers are indicated on the side of the rod. You will be able to maintain a comfortable and secure grip for better thrusting with the ergonomic grip handle, secondary foam handle, and adjustable wrist strap.

Barcode: 848518029119

Master, Sex Machines, TPE, Aluminium, Miscellaneous, Sex Machines, BDSM, SM Toys, Sex Machines

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