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My Magic Wand

MyMagicWand - Blue

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My Magic Wand

Massage and use
Massages loosen up muscle groups, ease tensions in the body and provide more energy to handle a busy lifestyle. For many people, massage also opens the door to a world of sexual wellness that often contains more than they ever thought possible.

How to use your My Magic Wand
1. Put the plug in a socket and switch the massager on by pressing the on/off button.
2. Adjust the massage intensity using ?+? and ?-?.
3. Use a light grip on the handle and move one side of the vibrating head in circular motions over the area to be massaged.

It is recommended that you start at the lowest intensity and then increase as you feel the need for it and slowly get to know your My Magic Wand.

Avoid injuries
? People with blood circulation problems or reduced sensations should not use My Magic Wand without consulting a doctor.
? Never massage an area that is raised, inflamed or has a rash.
? Do not massage the same area for more than 3 minutes.
? Stop immediately if you experience pain, tingling or numbness.
? If you are in doubt, seek medical advice before use.

Avoid overheating
? Make sure that your My Magic Wand can vibrate freely and can dispose of heat. Don?t cover the head with blankets, pillows or anything else.
? If the overheating breaker trips, you must allow your appliance to cool down for at least 5 minutes before further use.

1. Pull the plug out of the socket
2. Wipe with a damp cloth. Never use water or other liquids to clean (see ?Safety instructions?).

Safety instructions
? Only connect your My Magic Wand to 230 volts AC and only use My Magic Wand the way it is intended.
? Always unplug My Magic Wand after use.
? My Magic Wand must never be immersed in water or other liquids.
? Never use or store My Magic Wand near water or under humid conditions, for example in the bathroom, sauna or near a swimming pool.
? Always inspect the appliance, the cord and the plug for defects or damage before use. If the cord is damaged, the My Magic Wand is defect and should be discarded.
? My Magic Wand is for domestic use only and may not be used professionally.
? My Magic Wand is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or knowledge about the appliance, unless they have been instructed in the use of the My Magic Wand by a person responsible for their safety.
? Keep the appliance away from children. Cleaning and user maintainance must not be made by children without supervision.
? If My Magic Wand is used for other purposes than the intended use or is not used in accordance with this user guide, the user is fully responsible for any consequences. This type of damage to the My Magic Wand is not covered by the warranty.
? My Magic Wand may not be used if it has been wet, is not working properly or has been damaged.

Electrical appliances must not be disposed as household waste. It must be submitted to proper waste management and recycling in accordance with the laws of your country. Thank you for helping us take care of the environment.

As a consumer you are entitled to a warranty under the applicable law of the country in which the goods are purchased. The warranty requires documentation in the form of a valid proof of purchase. The appliance shall be returned where it was purchased.

Limitations of the warranty
? The warranty will be void if any service, repairs or modifications are made to the My Magic Wand, or if the My Magic Wand is used commercially.
? Damage caused by intentional or unintentional misuse, accidents or lack of care and maintainance is not covered. This also includes damage caused by incorrect electrical installation, voltage or mains voltage.

? Materials: ABS, Silicone
? Length: 32cm
? Min. diameter: 3.5cm
? Max. diameter: 5.8cm
? Weight: net weight about 710g
? Vibration speeds: 6 speeds
? Powertype: input: 100-240V. output: 12V, 1.3A
? Length power cable: 3.5M

Barcode: 8718627529850

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