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Candy Cane Satisfyer Finger Stimulator

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The length of a finger, this stimulator will explore the erogenous zones in an unprecedented way. From Satisfyer, introduce this erogenous zone stimulator to position on the fingers. As effective for clitoral stimulation as that of the penis, this stimulator will take care of all the erogenous zones of the body. A stimulator equipped with a powerful motor that will love to bring solitary or couple pleasure in a shower. Satisfyer- Silicone & ABS - Waterproof - Magnetic USB charge

Clitoral stimulator, designed to stimulate the clitoral area. Regardless of the complexity of the product, its shape and size, all clitoral stimulators play the role of original trainers, manipulations with which allow to learn your own sexual reactions, realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, use them in sexual games with a partner. The product is equipped with vibrator, which is made using a special remote control unit. The product may possess special tools for fixing it in the region of the clitoris (it can be either elastic bands or panties). Unusual positive feelings of satisfaction one can experience when using vibrostimulator.

The German brand Satisfyer has long been a leading manufacturer of adult toys. It combines high quality, advanced technology and modern design in its products. The assortment is constantly replenished with new models, which are constantly being improved and become better and better. The brand introduces toys for couples, remote control devices and devices for solo use. Satisfyer connect mobile application supports video chat function, allows you to customize toys and transfer control of them to your partner.

Barcode: 4061504004136

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