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Pheromones For Women Love And Desire For Her 15ml

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Love & Desire is a series of unusual pheromones that have been on the market for over 10 years. In 2016, a premium version of pheromones was introduced - Love & Desire Gold . The whole series of pheromones consists of male and female versions. Each of them has its own premium version, that is Love & Desire Gold and three capacities Love & Desire: 100ml, 50ml and 15ml.

The whole series of Love & Desire products consists of the premium - the strongest version of Love & Desire Gold and the regular version in three different sizes: 100ml, 50ml, 15ml.

There is no such formula on the market. Only our Love & Desire pheromones have a four-component, unique combination of ingredients.

Androstenol - It is produced during adolescence and is very potent. Its level is usually higher in dominant women. It influences the attractiveness of men and other women and has social importance in establishing contacts and maintaining group cohesion. Men between the ages of 20 and 50 are especially sensitive to its smell.

Androstenone - It is a fragrance mainly produced by dominant women. This smell signals strength among individuals of the same sex. It is used by women to attract the attention of men and arouse their interest. Women in conditions of high competition have a much higher concentration of this pheromone. Androstenone is also worth using if you want to arouse greater respect and domination. The use of androstenone in Love & Desire is especially successful in men.

Androsteron - It is the most feminine of all ingredients. It has the effect of domination, but does not affect the effect of aggression, but rather creates an aura of security. It appears naturally in calm alpha females.

Androstadienone - The pheromone of love that changes the mood of men. Many studies on this pheromone indicate that it has a strong influence on the brain activity of men. This is evidenced by the increase in attention, cognition, and improved mood.

The action of each of these pheromones is supported by scientific research and is already widely known.

This is a sexy, fruity and floral fragrance for resolute, independent women who know what they want and dont hesitate to reach for it. It is a very feminine fragrance: sensual, sophisticated, strong, hot and defiant. It provokes and fascinates, causes a lot of confusion in the minds of men, does a lot, except one - it does not induce indifference. The Love & Desire fragrance consists of the following scent notes: blackcurrant, pear, Italian clementine, orange, ginger flower, hibiscus seeds, freesia, Californian tree Cedar and Vanilla.

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The production of food supplements under the SHS (Sexual Health Series) brand is of the highest quality and complies with all legal requirements in the European Union. The plant is under constant control of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate - an institution in Poland. In the production process, a quality control system is implemented that meets the requirements of HACCP, as well as GHP. All products are completely safe for health, confirmed by certificates and a series of analyzes and controls carried out both during and after the production process.

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