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Penis Pump Hydro7 Clear

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Get ready to improve your sex life with the Hydro7. With the new hydraulic technology, this pump will allow you to achieve more powerful erections easily and safely. You can achieve an increase in penis in length, volume and thickness. With the continued use of Bathmate you can get the size you have always wanted. Remember not to use it more than 15 minutes a day for optimal results. You will simply have to fill the water pump, when it is completely full, insert the penis and push a few times for the hydraulic system to activate. Then you will begin to feel the pressure increase while the water is evacuated from the releasing valve, causing the penis to expand more and more. When there is no water left, rest and repeat the operation every 5 minutes, resting between each session.
Long-lasting benefits in length, perimeter and volume
Hydraulic system
Improves endurance
More lasting erections
For penis between 13 cm and 18 cmIncrease:
Up to 7 cm in length
Up to 30% thicker
Up to 40% more volume

Barcode: 5060140209928

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