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Sensitizing Gel with Vibrating Tip Orgasm Now 15 ml

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A new product of the most erotic Brazilian brand.
This feminine sensitized gel is a revolution, perfect for the clitoris and the vagina with tutifruti flavor. It has many functions, heats, vibrates and serves as a lubricant. Its tip is perfect to apply, but not only that, but it also vibrates. Yes, as you hear it, while applying this wonderful gel in your most erogenous intimate parts you will experience amazing vibrations, perfect for oral sex.
You will simply have to open the product, remove the protective plastic and put the tip where you want. Press the button at the top, applying the desired part and enjoy some vibrations for maximum pleasure.
15 ml
Feminine sensitizing gel
Vibrating tip
Perfect for stimulating and oral sex
Kissable- tutifruti flavor
Heats, vibrates and serves as a lubricant

Barcode: 5600304015479

Intt, Heating Effect, Extra Orgasm, Sensitizers, Female Orgasm Intensifiers, Lubricants, Aphrodisiacs, Oils and Lubes

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