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Shunga Warming Massage Oil Sparkling Wine Strawberry

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With this sparkling wine strawberry oil you can enjoy a massage like you never imagined before. Try it to give a sensual massage to your partner or just to take off your stress after a long day. It is perfect for every occasion. Thanks to its heat effect the sensations that it will cause will be more than pleasant and relaxing.
Inspired by Japanese erotic art, shunga products are made for lovers of pleasure. They are products that invite you to travel to a world of passion and sensations. They are elegant and refined and will take you in a swirl of sensuality and passion.
Warning oil
100 ml
Sparkling wine strawberry aroma
100% natural oil
Product dimensions: 12,5 x 6 cm

Barcode: 697309022088

Shunga, Essential Oils, Warming Lubricants, Creams and Oils for Massages, Oils and Lubes

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