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Pussy Pump

Automatic Pussy Pump

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This vaginal stimulator has automatic vibration, with 3 pumping speeds and 7 vibration modes so you can customize your pleasure at all times. The powerful suctions of the stimulator will keep your hands free, so you can play with other parts of your body, or that of your partner. You will be able to experience stronger orgasms thanks to the greater sensitivity and excitement that pumping offers you. You will also be able to observe the incredible visual results in real time on your clitoris through the transparent cup of the pump.
When you are ready you will only have to press the quick release button. It is rechargeable by USB and has a lock button, so you can take it on a trip without worry.
7 vibration modes
3 pump speeds
Suction function
USB rechargeable
Quick release push button

Barcode: 782421065119

Pussy Pump, Enlargement Pumps, Adult Toys

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