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Charged Ring Viber Owow - Grey

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The Charged Owow is the ultimate rechargeable vibrating penis ring, with a new low-pass engine for a distinctly different feel that both partners can feel on the inside. This powerful sexual toy for couples has 10 penetrating vibrating and pulsating functions that rumble, in place of buzz, and provide an undeniably more satisfying experience. Powered by famous football, Charged cushion extends wide to suit most beads thanks to 100% silicone soft body material, which fits perfectly, but not too tight, for an improved experience.
To enjoy, simply stretch the ring around the base of the penny or the penis and testicles (your choice!) And adjust the motor to your liking: use it on the top for clitoral massage or use noise under the penis and testicles for pleasing pressure with added vibration. However, you decide to enjoy it, the Charged Owow is enclosed with a USB charging cable (included) for a 60-minute vibration time and completely waterproof - so you can take your favorite new couple toy in the bathroom or bathroom!
10 penetrating vibration functions
Latex and Pthalate Free
60 minutes of play
100% waterproof
USB recharged

Barcode: 817483012440

Screamingo, Penis Accessories, Cock Rings, Water, Adult Toys

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