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Adrien Lastic

Dildo Hitsens Dual Density S02 Pink

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Dildo dual density of the highest quality. It has an elongated shape and a rounded tip, ideal for a simple, comfortable and pleasant insertion and removal. At the base you will find a strong suction cup to use your toy on almost any surface.
It has a new system that allows you to change the state of its materials. When you want it to be a little warmer, simply put your toy in the microwave (Max. 30 seconds) or under hot water (Max 2 minutes), this way it will become softer. If on the contrary you want it harder, place it in the refrigerator.
Dual density
Thermo Reactive System
Silexpan silicone
Phthalate free
Measures: 16.7 cm x 4 cm

Barcode: 8433345240114

Adrien Lastic, Dildos, Adult Toys

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