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Secret Play Natural Lubricant

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Were you looking forward to having an ecological line of lubricants? For more that you looked for you did not find them? Look no further, Secret Play has succeeded, and thats why we present the organic lubricant NATURAL. These lubricants are certified in a Swiss laboratory called Bio Inspecta.
Secret Play has achieved this certificate after several months of research until its ingredients were fully grown organically.Organic NATURAL lubricant is water based and enriched with aloe vera. Your laboratory has aloe vera plantations that extract the juice from the branches.
Are you really thinking about it yet? Let yourself go and discover what this lubricant can offer you in a true night of passion.
Ecological organic lubricant
Water based
Enriched with aloe vera.

Barcode: 8435097140100

Secret, Water-based Lubricants, Lubricants, Oils and Lubes

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