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Adalet Kit 6 Kegel Balls Silicone

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For a proper functioning of your pelvic floor it is necessary to exercise it, and for this the Kegel Adalet ball kit is here.
This kit of 6 Kegel balls are made of the highest quality medical silicone, perfect for exercising your vaginal muscles in a safe way.
These balls have an elongated shape that facilitates their insertion and a silicone cord for comfortable removal. And as we know that each person is a world, this kit has 6 Kegel balls, each with a different weight and color, so you can increase the weight according to your needs.
But, why is it so important to exercise the pelvic floor and your vaginal muscles?The pelvic floor is the muscles that support the weight of our pelvic organs. The pelvic floor is usually weakened by events of daily life, such as pregnancy or

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