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Martinella Clitoris Stimulator with Point Vibrator Hot Red

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Martinella, a female stimulator with which to feel like a queen, without having to depend on anyone to enjoy your sexuality and your deepest sensations.
Martinella is a multi-function clitoral stimulator. And you can say, another clitoral stimulator? There are many on the market .. But nothing is further from reality, Martinella will leave you speechless, you can only moan with pleasure.
The rose design is innovative to say the least. At the top of Martinella you will find beautiful interlocking petals that ends in a clitoral sucker with 10 suction functions, perfect for elevating sensations. And you ask yourself, why multifunctional? Let me explain it to you.
The stem of this rose not only gives that touch of real rose, but, with bright colors, it has 10 vibration functions, and it works as a super powerful point vibrator. This function is perfect for stimulating any part of the body, such as the nipples. Last but not least, a delicate and erotic soft silicone butterfly will move in time with the vibrations so you can stimulate any part of the body. But do not think that it will only move the wings, but that the whole butterfly will turn to double the pleasure and that you enter a world of unimaginable pleasure.
Martinella also has a dual system, which means that its engines work separately. One of them controls the suction of the rose, while the other controls the vibrations of the stem, causing the butterfly to vibrate with it. Keep in mind that you can remove the butterfly whenever you want.
To elevate Martinella to the world of today, it is totally IPX7 waterproof, its materials are extra soft in Premium silicone and you can recharge it without waiting thanks to its magnetic USB charger. In addition, although it has two powerful motors, its noise level is very low, less than 50 dB, your secret will be safe with Martinella.
Remember to use your favorite water-based lubricant, such as Nanami N-506, so that the experience is increased to the maximum and clean it before and after use with a toy cleaner, such as N-507, so that Martinella will be with you throughout your life.
10 suction functions
10 vibration functions
Butterfly Silicone Stimulator
High power point vibrator function
Powerful dual independent motor
Easy access controls
Highest quality premium silicone materials
Magnetic USB rechargeable
Waterproof IPX7Measures:
Total length: 15cm
Rose length: 6.5-7cm
Stem Length: 8.5cm

Barcode: 8436583792209

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