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Viggo Advanced Masturbator Up and Down and Sucking

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At Action we do not leave male masturbation aside and we have created Action Man, the male line within Action for the modern man who wants to enjoy his sexuality.
We know that when we think of a male masturbator, the most basic masturbators on the market, the manual ones and the most popular today come to mind. But at Action we want to be better and thats why we bring you Viggo, a masturbator from another world.
Viggo is a masturbator that looks a little basic on the outside, but inside it has the best features ever thought for male masturbation. This exterior design is designed for greater discretion and comfort.
Inside you will find a soft TPE sleeve for super realistic sensations and a textured tunnel to increase sensations, you will be able to enjoy nothing more and nothing less than 3 functions, all of them different from each other but all designed for your pleasure, and If you want to know them, keep reading:
Vibration function: the function par excellence could not be missing, the vibration function, with 10 modes so you can try and try until you get tired.
Up and down or thrusting function: you can call it what you want, but this is the function with which you will fall in love with Viggo. This feature makes the sleeve move up and down, but youll think this is something youve seen before, but thanks to its double sleeve system it will be an out of this world experience.
?Suction? function: this function is closely related to the up and down function, and we will explain why. Right in the middle of Viggo you will find a part where the sleeve is introduced, what this does is a pull and loose effect that makes the suction effect impressive, making Viggo the most realistic masturbator in what is known. that oral sex masturbation refers. It has a rechargeable battery with which you can enjoy 60 min of autonomy.
On the front you will see a transparent area. This area is a small window that you can easily remove to remove the sleeve for proper cleaning. Remember to clean your toy before and after each use with warm water and a toy cleaner such as N-507 and dry it with a clean, dry cloth to extend its life. Use your favorite water-based lubricant, like N-506, for an extra wet night.
10 vibration functions
10 up and down/thrusting functions
?Suction? effect function
Thin and extra soft TPE sleeve
textured tunnel
60 min autonomy
Magnetic USB Rechargeable
Silent &lt.60dB
Measurements: 28.88cm x 9cm

Barcode: 8436583792247

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