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No. Fifteen Vibrator and Massager 3 Individual Motors

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At Action we know that your fantasies are not always the same, and so that you can enjoy every moment we have created No. Fifteen, a toy with three motors.
No. Fifteen is perfect for every occasion, since it has 3 powerful independent motors, which means that you can decide at any time you want, a separate function, two together or all three, no one limits the pleasure between your Action and you. Here we explain the three modes that No. Fifteen has, and believe me when I say that you will not get tired of using it.
The first motor takes care of the 7 vibration functions of the massager, located at one end of the toy, you only have to press the button located just below to enjoy a powerful massager with 7 vibration modes.
After this, the second button activates the second motor, which controls another 7 vibration functions, yes, 7 more functions, located on the bunny stimulator.
And finally, the third button for No. Fifteen powers a powerful third motor. This activates the first of the 7 modes of the vibrator body.These are the 3 main functions of the 3 powerful and wonderful engines of No. Fifteen, but this does not mean that it does not have more. At the tip of this vibrator you will find a textured area, designed for extra stimulation.
The No. Fifteen massager part is robust and with a rounded tip, perfect for you to press on your most needed points, be it for an erotic stimulation or a relaxing massage. At the other extreme, both the clitoral stimulator and the vibrator body are flexible, and have an elongated shape, ideal for a pleasant insertion to say the least.
Even if you have one part firmer than others, all of No. Fifteen has been manufactured with high quality silicone, which allows it to be IPX7 waterproof and very, very soft. And you will think, 3 engines? That has to be very loud .. nope, No. Fifteen has incredible technology and manufacturing that makes those 3 motors powerful and quiet at the same time, no one will know what happens between you and your favorite toy.
Remember to clean your toy before and after each use with warm water and PH neutral soap and dry it with a clean, dry cloth to extend its useful life. Use your favorite water-based lube for an extra wet night.
3 powerful and quiet motors
Independent functions
7 vibration functions on each motor
High quality soft silicone
Magnetic USB rechargeable
Waterproof IPX7
Low noise level
Total measurements: 22.8 cm x 3.85 cm
Weight: 228 gr

Barcode: 8436583792315

Action, Vibrators, Massagers, Miscellaneous, Vibrators, Adult Toys

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