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Aurum Male Chest Bondage Harness Vegan Leather

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Discover your most fetishistic and naughty side with the Fetish by Intoyou collection.
What better way to discover new worlds in BDSM than a male chest harness. With this harness you and your partner can experience the fantasies you have always dreamed of. It has a series of adjustable straps that, thanks to its buckles, makes it suitable for a wide variety of bodies. In the center of them, both in the front and in the back, you will find two O-shaped rings so that you can use with your favorite toys.
Covered with studs and the highest quality materials, this harness will become an essential in your BDSM collection.
Vegan leather
100% adjustable
Adjustable straps with buckles
With O-rings

Barcode: 8436583794524

Intoyou, BDSM, Fetish, Adult Toys

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