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Myhixel Max 30 Capsules

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MYHIXEL MAX is the first natural formula on the market that reinforces ejaculation control. Made from natural plants whose properties, combined with each other, form the perfect composition for this purpose. It is a natural supplement and without side effects.
All of these ingredients help regulate the secretion of serotonin, establishing harmony between body and mind. In this way, the level of stress and anxiety that can cause the absence of ejaculatory control is controlled and a natural balance is established that reinforces said control.
It is recommended to consume 1 capsule a day, since it is enough to benefit from its properties and at least 2 months of treatment to enhance its effects for the control of ejaculation together with Myhixel Mer or TR.
30 capsules
1 capsule per day
Ingredients: Hip

Barcode: 8437019695521

Myhixel, Parapharmacy, Miscellaneous, Enhancers, Aphrodisiacs

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