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Kinky Heart (EN-ES)

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Kinky Heart
100 kinky challenges for daring (s)explorations!
A challenging game for you and your partner (f/f, m/f or m/m) if you?re open to exciting (s)experiments. Either you or your partner take a roll out of the heart using the tweezers. What?s going to happen? Will you be fulfilling a secret fantasy or will you be making a completely new experience? Discover the boundaries of your sexual relationship and experience your most intimate moments together.
Some examples of challenges: Kneel down in front of your partner. Then place your forehead on their feet. Stay like this for a minute in silence. Exchange your perceptions of the situation afterwards.
Who takes control in the perfect sexual encounter, you or your partner?
Tell your partner one of your most daring fantasies. Choose one you haven?t shared yet, which you think could somehow be experienced in real life. The Kinky Hearts takes you on a sexual journey and is incomparable to any other game. More than 100 kinky tasks and ideas are contained in this heartshaped box. The glossy styling will appeal to a large audience and gives a truly fetish impression.

Barcode: 9789088190216

Tease&please, Games for Couples, Valentine Day Special, Miscellaneous, Games

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