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Pack 5+1 Fivib Finger Vibrating Stimulator USB Silicone

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There are times when size does matter.
Fivib is a small stimulator to enjoy an impressive orgasm at any time. It has 10 vibration functions that you can control with its single-button interface that is very simple to use.
Fivib is composed of two parts, a vibrating bullet and a silicone case. The vibrating bullet is made of high quality metal, which you can use together with the case or alone, to give pleasure to yourself or your partner, do not set limits. The soft silicone case has a small appendix at the base so you can put your finger and use it on the body part you want. The tip is rounded and has small stretch marks so that the pleasure is superior.
Thanks to the small size of Fivib, its ergonomic design, that it is rechargeable by USB and that it is completely waterproof it is the perfect travel companion, put it in your bag, in your suitcase or carry it in your pocket, nobody will notice. Use a good water-based lubricant to maximize pleasure.
Remember to properly clean your toy with neutral soap and water and dry it well to maximize its life and use your favorite water-based lubricant (F-843) for an extra wet experience.
Pack 5+1
10 vibration functions
USB rechargeable
Discreet and silent design
Single button interface
We recommend the exclusive use of water-based lubricants
Total measurements: 8.6 cm x 2.34 cmIt includes:
Vibrating bullet
Silicone sleeve
USB Cable

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