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Mina Touch Sensitive Wand Vibrator

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Liberate your pleasure &amp. let your desire run free with the regal Mina Touch Sensitive Wand Vibrator!

Enjoy on-demand vibrations and get the stimulation that you need exactly when you need it with this elegant wand massager. Equipped with 11 speed and function settings, this magic wand is touch sensitive, so you can touch base, touch &amp.amp, go or touch down as you please. Ideal for external massage of tense muscles and erogenous zones whether you need to wind down or up after work.

Made of super soft silicone, the Mina range was designed with easily accessible pleasure in mind so you can leave the limitations of this world behind and transcend to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy and freedom. USB-rechargeable so you won’t have to fiddle with batteries and waterproof making both bath-time fun and clean-up a breeze. This Mina wand massager is an ideal travel companion so you can get pleasure on your own terms wherever your adventures take you.

Illuminate your passion and fire up your desire with the Mina Touch Sensitive Wand Vibrator, your exclusive on-demand pleasure provider.

Silicone touch-sensitive wand vibrator
11 speed and function settings
Massager head ideal for broad massage
Great for massage of muscles and erogenous zones
Touch sensitive providing total control over stimulation
Whisper quiet
Made of super-soft silicone
Total length: 20cm/8 inches
Diameter: 4cm/1.75 inches
Circumference: 13cm/5 inches

Barcode: 5060211963148

Mina, Clit Teasers

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