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ZALO Queen - PulseWave Vibrator

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Easily explore to G-spotAwaken your deep desireFor a most accessible orgasmIgnite the long-sealed passionBe my own QUEEN
 Queen has a streamlined button design so its easy to operate in the dark.You can use Queen with the ZALO APP. The Bluetooth connection works for 6 meters. Synchronously control the intensity of PulseWave and vibration via APP.Every Queen has also a Super Swarovski Crystal.The powerful vibration of Queen will roaming the whole body.Tease your sensitive body parts.Preset 8 vibration and 8 PulseWave modes for different sensitive areas.Enjoy the intelligent 42° heating temperature control.Revolutionary Pulse-Wave TechAdjustable intensity, up to 75 times stimulation per secondConvex in center and ripple design surroundedPowerful Point-to-point waving stimulationWave-press G-spot at high frequencySpecial suction technology for Clitoris stimulation.Ideal for breast teasing and clitoral stimulation.Put on the suction accessory after evenly smear the lubricant for an absolute orgasm pleasure.

Barcode: 0600231887076

Zalo, Air Pressure Stimulation

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