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Swan Adore - Elegance

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As one of the first to grace the new Adore Petite collection, the Elegance is slightly smaller in size while still making a bold statement about pleasure and grace. The Elegance features a powerful clitoral stimulator which draws you in as pleasure races through your entire body. For even more sensation, it also features a quiet and strong rotating body that harmoniously brings you to unparalleled heights of ecstasy. The Elegance features its own wireless charging cradle, an independently controlled vibration and rotation and a water-resistant silicone finish. Treat yourself to a sensual experience with the Elegance by Adore Petite. Product Specifications Details: Water-resistant, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free Finish: High-grade Silicone Run Time: Up to 12 Hours Charge Time: 5 Hours Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Pleasure Technology: Separately Controlled Vibration &amp. Rotation Powered by PowerBullet?

Barcode: 0677613960160

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