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Satisfyer Partner Endless Love Lilac | Multifun 1

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Multifun can be used as a partner vibrator during intercourse, but also provides sensual hours during solo use by both men and women.
For example, the ergonomic U-shape of the Multifun is well suited for use as a massaging scrotum ring - the two ends gently wrap around the mans shaft and testicles, satisfying them with deep vibrations. When this takes place, the wide portion of the ring can be placed under the penis so that the powerful vibrations generated by the third motor can stimulate the perineum - the Multifun can also be worn inverted for just as much pleasure.
For example, those who want to use the Multifun during foreplay can use one tip to gently massage their or their partners nipples. The different vibration programs are excellent for any kind of game and preferences.

Nice for singles and couples
Water resistant
Body-friendly silicone
3 powerful engines
100 vibration combinations

Barcode: 4061504001050

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