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Satisfyer - Heated Affair - Heating G-Spot + Rabbit Vibrator - Berry

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Satisfyer - Heated Affair - Heating G-Spot + Rabbit Vibrator - Berry
Heated Affair is made for a simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The vibrator is equipped with a slim shaft for a more targeted stimulation and an additional clitoral stimulator. This heating g-spot and rabbit vibrator has a ring-shaped handle that allows a better grip.  Besides the 12 vibration programs, the shaft can also be heated up to a pleasant 40 degrees. The relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles and the increased blood circulation will ensure an enhanced experience of pleasure and penetration will feel more comfortable. 

Magnetic charging connection
Sensual stimulation through heat
Smooth surface made of body-friendly silicone
12 vibration modes on control panel of vibrator
Satisfyer Connect for an infinite range of programs

Satisfyer Connect appThanks to the Satisfyer Connect app it is possible to experience completely new passionate adventures. Download the app for iOS and Android for free on your phone, tablet or Apple Watch. Then you can easily connect the Satisfyer via Bluetooth or the internet. Send ambient sounds as vibrations, let someone else control your Satisfyer or create an exciting rhythm yourself or turn your favorite Spotify playlist into a sensual vibration: your creativity knows no limits!

Barcode: 4061504001616

Satisfyer, Rabbit Vibrator

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