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Lamourose - Denia

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DENIA is an advanced personal massager with ultimate capabilities for pleasure. DENIA boasts two adjustable motors designed to intensely stimulate your favorite erogenous areas. Flex and Shift Technology™ adjusts to your body, ensuring contact in all the right places. With all this bundled up in a sleek, tasteful design and perfect for use with a partner, it will be hard to keep DENIA a secret.
DUAL STIMULATION Two motors power a pair of stimulation nodes designed for a more intense pleasure experience.
FLEX AND SHIFT TECHNOLOGY™ Adjusts to your specific body type for ultimate sensation.
SAFE Phthalate-free, FDA-approved materials are relaxing to the touch and comfortable during use.
DIAMOND CUT Ergonomically designed for supreme comfort and easy handling.
WATERPROOF Seamless design safe for complete submersion and effortless to clean.
EASY TO CHARGE Charging dock allows for quick and convenient charging wherever you go.
CAPABILITY 9 Vibrating Modes, 12 Speeds
BATTERY LIFE Up to 3 hours of use at medium speed on a 2 hour charge

Barcode: 5060350250222

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