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Lamourose - Mya Beads

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Incorporating an elliptical shape, microvibration design, and a responsive, easy-to-clean exterior, MYA Beads represent a potent combination of practicality and pleasure. MYA Beads are available in two weights – Pro and Lite – and come equipped with both single and double bead setups. Packaged in a sleek and hygienic carrying case, your MYA Beads will be near and ready whenever you are.
PRO AND LITE Two weight options to fit a variety of toning and pleasure demands.
ELLIPTICAL Ergonomic design for easy entry and a more challenging workout.
MICROVIBRATIONS Body movement produces vibrations that stimulate workouts and play.
BEAD OPTIONS Single bead for beginners and double bead for advanced users. Both are sure to challenge and please.
EASY TO CLEAN Supple silicone connection harness and hygienic carrying case make for effortless clean-up.
SAFE Soft exterior and silicone connection harness are phthalate-free and FDA-approved.
SIZE:Lite:Dual (incll.silicone cradle)
172 x 34 x 32 mm
Single (incl.silicone cradle)
120 x 34 x 32 mm
Beads: 32 x 32 x 37 mm 
Pro:Dual (incl.silicone cradle)
172 x 34 x 32 mm
Single (incl.silicone cradle)
120 x 34 x 32 mm
Beads: 32 x 32 x 37 mm

Barcode: 5060350250314

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