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ZALO - King Red

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Featuring Zalo’s breakthrough PowerThrust technology, this vibrator breaks through the limitations of traditional electromagnetic drives. The power of the motor takes this thrusting vibrator to a new level with a frequency up to 40 times per second. This provides a more powerful “thrusting” orgasm experience. The KINGs design is based on the golden mask of an ancient Egyptian king and symbolizes conquest, power and irresistible magic. The golden top of the vibrator carries the culture of the ancient Egyptian royal crown, with eagles feathers and cobras scales forming a lotus.
Also have a look at the black version of Zalo’s King Thrusting Vibrator.

Powerful vibration
G-spot stimulation
8 power-thrust modes
4 different vibration modes
Inlaid Swarovski crystal
Thrusting range of 15 mm
4 hours of charging means 2-3 hours of pleasure 
Bluetooth control via the app up to 6 meters 

Only 15.2 cm of the total length (30.2 cm) can be inserted.

Barcode: 600231887236

Zalo, Thrusting Vibrator

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