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LELO - F1S Developers Kit Red + APP

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F1S Developers Kit next generation pleasure product for men. It is a sex tech console which combines the best of both worlds – immense pleasure and tech savviness. There are two motors which, thanks to SenSonic and Cruise Control technologies, produce deeply satisfying sonic waves.

Those pulsations are different than classical vibrations – they ensure deeper and more satisfying sensation all over. Outer body of this console is made of high-class aluminium alloy, while inside is made of the softest and safest silicone with curved grooves for heightened sensations.
F1S is the ultimate vehicle of self-expression - allowing users to bring their cybersexy fantasies to life, especially thanks to the window panel for new visual dimension. Unlike competitors, F1S Developers Kit is a revolutionary SDK (software development kit) that also offers indulgent LELO pleasure technologies. Thanks to Android and Apple apps and Bluetooth connectivity to phones or computers, 10 cutting edge-performance sensors will provide another dimension of pleasure for every user. The best thing is, all developers who purchase, will have a chance to develop their own apps and use them while enjoying F1S.
This console is perfect for solo-play, but can also be used with a partner for more experimenting, building stamina and thrill. F1S will make sure users are more accustomed to sexual sensations and intense feelings, but will not desensitize them. It’s best used with LELO personal moisturizer every time for enhanced pleasure as well as effortless insertion and removal.

Access to Groundbreaking LELO Tech - Open interface enables you to capitalize on sophisticated, industry-leading technology and shape the future of sex.
App Connected - Connect your device to test drive the LELO app - control device settings as well as gain new insight into your performance.
SenSonicTM Technology - The mind-blowing sensation of sonic waves and patented Cruise Control technology make F1S the ultimate act of self love.
Body-Safe Silicone - Ultra-smooth and soft to the touch, F1S looks sleek on the outside and feels sexy on the inside.
Fully Waterproof &amp. Rechargeable - Using the supplied USB charging cable, F1S can go wherever you go, and the smooth, waterproof design is easy to keep clean.


1. Download F1S App and install it on your phone2. Make sure device is turned OFF (lights are turned off, if device is ON press and hold the power button until lights stops)3. Start the App, wait introduction video to finish or tap SKIP in bottom right part of the screen4. Connect device screen will show with a message: Press the button on the device to connect5. Press power button on F1S device, it should blink signaling F1S is in connecting mode 6. Animation will continue and new screen will appear Confirm connection with message Press the button on the device to confirm connection7. Press power button once on F1S device to confirm connection8. Device will start to vibrate for one second and then it will stop. This is indication that F1S is connected with the App9. F1S menu screen will show with Play, About F1S, legal and Disconnect options

Barcode: 7350075024931

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