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Pjur Woman Toy Lube

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THE NON-DRIP PERSONAL LUBRICANT for use with erotic toys and accessories. The creamy texture is easy to dose and to apply precisely to the erotic toy. It remains where you apply it and enables a very comfortable handling. Materials such as latex, rubber, glass and silicone are not affected. It has an extraordinarily long-lasting lubricating effect, is absolutely skin-friendly, provides your skin with a soft and velvety feel and promotes your sexual wellbeing. Free from oil, grease and perfumes. Not to use as a contraceptive. Does not contain any spermicidal substances. Suitable for use with latex condoms. ? Non-dripping! ? Easy and accurate to dose ? Safe for use with silicone, latex, rubber &amp. glass ? Silky-soft skin feel ? Latex condom safe ? Water based with a small amount of added silicone for extra slide Packed by 6 pcs.

Barcode: 827160111694

Pjur, Water-based Lubricants

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