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Rimba Latex Play - Quatro Cock Ring And Ball Splitter - Black

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Rimba Latex Play - Quatro Cock Ring and Ball Splitter - Black
This cockring has four rings that are attached to each other: one with a diameter of 4 cm, one with a diameter of 2.5 cm and two with a diameter of 2 cm. The largest ring (4 cm) needs to be worn around the scrotum. The second ring (2.5 cm) should be worn around the shaft. The two smaller rings (both 2 cm) should be placed around one testicle each, splitting the balls. Using a cock ring will restrict blood flow and results in providing the user with a fuller and harder erection. The cock ring around the testicles keeps them from contracting, which prolongs the orgasm. 

Barcode: 8718924241103

Rimba, Cock Rings

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