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Rimba Electro Play - Electro Sex Power Box Set With LCD Display

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Rimba Electro Play - Electro Sex Power Box Set with LCD Display
The 4 channel Rimba power box (#7900) has a LCD screen and is able to power 4 different bi-polar accesories at the same time. All 4 channels can be controled individually by pressing the buttons. The screen shows individual channel intensity and the chosen program in a diagram. This powerbox can be powered by regular power supply (220/230V. AC/DC) as well as by 3 AAA batteries.
Please note: #7900 replaces #7890 and is an improved version in terms of meeting all the EU restrictions.

This set consists of:

1x Rimba Electro Sex Powerbox #7900
110V / 220 V power adapter
3 x AAA penlite batteries
1 x international travel adapter
10 x selfadhesive gelpads
5 x cables

The 5 programs:

Short Stroke 
Long Stroke 

The objective of electro sex stimulation is to create an uncontrollable muscle contraction by means of an electric shock. The electric shock stimulates a nerve and causes a contraction of one or more muscles located in the immediate vicinity of the nerve. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the muscle contraction force will be. Rimba has designed a large number of accessories that can be connected to every Rimba power box. The accessory electrodes have different shapes and sizes, tailored to the erogenous zones for both men and women.

Barcode: 8718924241264

Rimba, 50 years of Rimba

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