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Kiiroo - KEON Automatic Masturbator Plus Stroker

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Keon by Kiiroo and Feel Stroker Combi Pack
Kiiroo introduces a new standard in interactive adult pleasure: KEON is the smartest interactive masturbator on the market today. KEON connects your Feel Stroker to the world of interactive adult entertainment. Experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm is not an exaggeration! Connect your KEON to an extensive list of interactive erotic content produced by some of the worlds leading adult sites. Feel every thrust, moan and groan in real-time. The FEEL BY KIIROO Stroker included in this combination pack is KIIROOs first stroker. This stroker was designed to fit perfectly in the KEON. The patented material of the stroker gives you the most pleasurable experience. 

The robust design is the perfect shape for the tightest grip
Every detail in KEONs ergonomic design is there to enrich your most intimate moments
The Feel Stroker has a welcoming internal texture designed to maximize your pleasure
Compatible with adult sites including Feel Me, UFeel.TV, FeelXVideos, Pornhub and Feel VR Porn
The tactile buttons allow you to easily find the perfect stroke combination of speed and length of the stroke
The lightning system provides you with real-time information regarding the connection mode, speed and battery 
Interact with your partners device from anywhere in the world with the app 

1x KEON by KIIROO1x Feel Stroker by KIIROO1x USB Charging cable

Barcode: 8719324994873

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