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Inflatable Gag with Dildo

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Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that once securely put on, can be inflated. After the gag is put on, and inflate if desired, the other partner can then use the outside dildo for penetration. The partner that is gagged will get an up close view of the action as the dildo goes in and out.

Measurements: Gag: Approx. circumference min. of 0 inches to max. of 10 inches. Dildo: 5.75 inches in insertable length and 5 inches in circumference at widest point.

Barcode: 811847012619

Master, GAGS, Black, Dildos, Inflatable Dildos, Master Series, Mouth Gags, Thigh and Head Strap-On, Vibrating Sex Toys and Dildos, XR Brands

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