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6 Piece Velvet Bondage Set

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Play with sensuality and style in these Velvet Burgundy Cuffs, Collar and Leash set! The soft, Velvet material is made from microfiber PU leather making it easy to clean and perfect for vegans and those with sensitive skin. Enjoy the soft touch of the collar and cuffs on your body as you are restrained and led around by golden leashes!

Show your sassy submissive side with stylish and sensual burgundy and gold restraints! Tease your partner as you gently pull against the cuffs and chains, hold the leash in your mouth or let them take you for a walk as their prized pet! Use any of the 5 D-rings to attach the golden chains or any other attachments. Each strap is adjustable via buckles and straps. All metal is nickel free and body safe.

After use, spot clean Velvet with a soft cloth and wipe metal clean.

Measurements: Wrist cuffs adjust from 5.75 to 9.25 circumference
Ankle cuffs adjust from 7.5 to 10.75 circumference
Collar adjusts from 11.5 to 16 circumference
Leash length: 31.5

Materials: Microfiber leather, metal

Color: Burgundy, Gold

Key Features:
Beauty and Comfort: The soft side is a microfiber leather made from PU synthetic leather making it vegan friendly and easy to clean. The soft texture adds a sensual caress against the skin. The adjustable straps make it easy to find a snug but comfortable fit each time.
Detachable Leash and Chains: Enjoy using the dazzling nickel-free metal chains to attach the wrist and ankle cuffs to each other in a number of ways. Enjoy leading your pet around by the collar on the long, golden chain!
Add Attachments!: The 5 D-rings attach to golden chains that can be used to restrain your submissive or walk your pet. Feel free to attach other things to them as you see fit!

Barcode: 848518046154

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