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Anal Special Dildo

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Especially designed so the guy can deliver double penetration pleasure to their partner we bring you the orgasmic Anal Special Dildo, a stunning 6-inch long black penis shaped dildo with&nbsp.a cock&nbsp.ring and scrotum ring enabling you to penetrate both front and back holes simultaneously.&nbsp.The fabulous Anal Special Dildo is manufactured in firm jet black rubber material with a smooth penis head and slightly veined shaft and ends in two stretchy rings that attach to the base of the erection and the other wraps, the scrotum for delivering a secure fixing.&nbsp.Furthermorearound& can also use the sensational Anal Special Dildo as an independent dildo for those times when you or your lover are alone and in need of some fabulous erotic stimulation to either the vagina or anus.

Barcode: 4024144514861

You2toys, Anal Range, Black, Anal Probes

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