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Tenga Air Tech Reusable Strong Vacuum Cup Masturbator

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The more robust of the three models in Tengas brand new Air Tech Reusable cup style masturbators, this male sex toy provides an intense blowjob sensation that will satisfy men who crave fast deep throat action. Lined with soft, snug material that is textured to provide a satisfying massage on your penis, the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Strong Vacuum Cup masturbator is a hygienic sex toy for men that can be reused.Simple enough for beginners to get to grips with, those searching for a discreet toy thats small enough to stash in their bag or underwear drawer will love this little playmate. Boasting an Air Tech airflow structure to create intense suction sensations, the Reusable Strong Vacuum Cup will stimulate your erection from the moment it makes contact. Guaranteed to deliver utterly thrilling orgasms, this cup style masturbator for men even comes with a free lubricant.

Barcode: 4560220554555

Tenga, Sex Toys, White, Sex Toys For Men

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