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Oxballs Sackjack Wearable Jackoff Sheath Clear

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Oballs Sackjack is a dual ball sling and jerk off toy made from FLEX-TPR so its super blubbery and soft to the touch, melds to your junk just right to feel like youre jerkin off your second skin.

Oxballs Sackjacks shaft is lined with nubs and ridges that feel amazing slurping and sliding on your slicked up meat. The opening on the end means you can even urinate with it on.

Best of all, Sacjack looks nasty gripping your goods and milking your meat.

The inside of the ball sling has a ribbed ring designed to grip your balls and keep them down in their new sweaty sack.

There are two openings on each nut for drainage during a hot and heavy watersports scene or the perfect size for contact points for some shocking electro play.

Guaranteed youve never jerked it like this.

Barcode: 840215118905

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