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Creative Conceptions

Sexy 6 Dice Foreplay Edition

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Let the Sexy 6 Dice dictate your foreplay fate. With 720 possible outcomes, you can be sure to keep a variety and spontaneity alive in your relationship.&nbsp.Feel the anticipation build as you roll each dice, in turn, to gradually reveal the formula for your fun.&nbsp.Die 1 Will it be you or me in the hot seat.&nbsp.Die 2 Will we be giving or receiving the treat.&nbsp.Die 3 What foreplay fun is to be done?&nbsp.Die 4 What body part is to receive the love?&nbsp.Die 5 How will the pleasure be given?&nbsp.Die 6 Where will the Magic happen?&nbsp.All thats left for you to decide is how many times do you want to play!.

Barcode: 847878002183

Creative Conceptions, Games

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